Thoughts on content distribution

At what point does distribution of content have diminishing returns?

Recently, I’ve started to tweetstorm, I do so in order to quickly gather feedback, create an open conversation and most significantly to execute on writing with the method I’d use “if it looked easy”.

I hope to write more about this soon.

From that initial creation, those tweetstorms usually continue to progress as posts on my personal website. Eventually I share the now edited, fleshed out tweetstorm/blog posts again across the relevant networks.

As I continue doing so, I’ve been thinking about the balance between distribution of a single similar piece of content, versus creation of new content.

Contrasting this, does “saying” the same thing 8 times seem useful?

I can reduce some of this speculation by deciding on a metric of success. That too will be a moving target. Tweetstorms, for now I just want to see someone engage with my stream of conscious which tells me what to turn into posts or include in newsletters. For a Medium post, a recommendation. For LinkedIn, perhaps its a greater flow of incoming opportunities.

There’s the opportunity to test against these metrics. I can find the time spent creating and distributing this singular piece of content against engagement with said content or my other measures of success.

Continuing along this though process, it would appear beneficial to learn what mediums work best for your works. Then how you can reach those metrics most with those different mediums.

I see folks that can create an initial video about a topic. That becomes a podcast, 1+ blog posts, maybe a conference talk, and screencast. Thats 4 different mediums. Each with potential to be distributed to 2 unique networks tailored to that type of content.

Single individuals can start with this time-intensive process and move to work with others to create these multiple forms of content.

You could initiate this through Periscope or Snapchat (ala Mark Suster or Justin Kan) and end up with screencasts, blogs, slideshows, videos.

Mark Suster specifically is re-envisioning portions of his old content into easily digestable snapchat stories. Begging the question, should I go back and turn old content into new mediums, or distribute it in new places?

Are we all still distributing content as a means to become some “domain expert” or just to “show our work”, again “it depends”.

On Twitter versus LinkedIn versus Medium versus my Personal Site, I want you to: