What does a good company culture look like to you?

My work in technology has focused on solving problems, collaborating with high performing teams, building on actionable feedback, and delivering impactful incremental solutions. There’s a lot happening in that statement, let me break it down into key factors I look for.

Mindful growth - Technology falters on this difficult precipice of needing to move quickly without burning out. Mindful growth is a balancing act with the clear understanding of the drivers of the business, sustainable people practices, and industry best practices. I look for teams that value investment in their peers, seeing it as a way to drive the business forward. I check in with my connections about what work is like and how well a company retains talent. I hope to have conversations that are cognizant of the tradeoffs for decisions and reflective on ways to improve.

Empathetic communication - I recently read this great article by Cate Huston, Engineering manager at Automattic, about communication, https://qz.com/work/1587170/the-five-types-of-communication-problems-that-destroy-company-morale/. Empathetic communication shows up to me in careful code reviews that hope to educate while also ensure the company’s codebase improves. It’s part of speaking together rather than over each other in time-constrained meetings. Even going so far as to revolve around text-based discussions where context and tone are hopefully provided alongside information.

Methodical action - For a business to be sustainable it has to make money. Across my time in startups and as an engineer, I do my best not to forget that. For this reason, I appreciate companies that take action to integrate ongoing feedback relating to both quantitative and qualitative data. In the same vein, I want a transparent understanding of the metrics behind the goals of my work. This allows me to be innovative while comprehending how my work contributes to the performance of the organization.

These factors of company culture have come from a decade as an employee with 8 of those years embedded in high velocity technology companies. I am confident these factors build sustainably successful companies that attract, grow, and retain the types of teammates I want to collaborate with.