I’ve spent 5 years working within the Technology industry, focusing on Startups and Venture Fundraising.

As of late, I supported and contributed features to two Ruby on Rails applications. My role was a midpoint between the Engineering and Customer Success. I was able to contribute to both our internal tools and the customer applications between support tasks.

My first major project was to build a navigation page that each of our users visited upon logging into our application. Making use of SASS, JavaScript, Rails, and Ruby this page directed users to distinct services our suite of products offered.

I’ve enjoyed my work with Rails. Currently, I’m exploring modern JavaScript frameworks, including forays into Ember and the MEAN stack.

I excel while I continue to learn as part of a tight-knit community. I am searching for a team with these core tenets. A team invested in my growth as a programmer. Supporting my desire to contribute to my local tech community. All while I work to improve the quality of our codebase, docs, and workflows.

Please get in touch.